Castleclysm!: Uprising

Developer: Fantasync Entertainment
Platform: Mobile – iOS – iPad
Genre: Strategy, Action

Engine: Unity3D
Position: Game Developer, Game Designer

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Castleclysm!: Uprising is design for the iPad and the goal of utilising the size of the touch screen as a complete intractable gameplay field. After the positive reviews and response from players, it was decided to continue developing Castleclysm. Castleclysm!: Uprising was develop to be complete with no addition programming possible for additional contents. Therefore many of the game’s original systems had to be new and changed. Originally design to be an update, Castleclysm was later change to be a new release from the immense upgrade and feel of the game. While Castleclysm!: Uprising targeted iPad, Castleclysm is develop to be played on both iPad and iPhones. Castleclysm!: Uprising was removed from the store months before Castleclysm’s release.

  • App Store Highest Download Ranking Top 100 Action & Strategy Charts in over 20 Countries. (US, CN, CA included)
  • App Store Highest Gross Ranking Top 200 Action & Strategy Charts in over 20 Countries.


  • star_5f
    Cute game – Xiel (US)

    A breath of fresh air in the td genre. Not to mention the graphics is quite cute and pumps your adrenaline when you play

  • star_5f
    Great tower defense – KajoonaUS (US)

    Great tower defense, cute graphics and great sense of humor. Recommended!

  • star_5f
    Castleclysm – GisselleBatista (US)

    Its actually harder than you could expect. The most you advance in the game the most rewards you can get: treasure chests, spells, giant fists and more fun stuff. I totally recommend this one over any other RPG game.

  • star_5f
    Awesome Game!!!! – peax2 (US)

    This game is really fun! Cute animation and fun music. Gameplay is easy to understand but still challenging! 🙂

  • star_5f
    Awesome – Mark Mjilk (Sweden)

    I hate it cause i cant stop playing! :p

  • star_5f
    Well Done – Fishslinger (US)

    This game managed to be challenging while never once being difficult. I have no idea how that works.