Developer: VFS
Target Platform: PC, PS, XBox
Genre: Action, Adventure

Engine: UDK
Position: Game Developer, Game Designer, Game Artist 

In Somnia I had the greatest pleasure and great times working with 5 other classmates. Somnia is a game, we all put our heads together collaborating on a design and get our hands dirty in making it happen. Every member worked on different parts in its development. My role on the team aside from game design was also responsible for working designing the game’s visuals and visual game mechanics. During pre-production, we work closely as a group to establish the gameplay elements and mechanics. During development, I had the chance of working closely with a great technical artist and designer on our team to create the main character and enemy. Afterward, I had an excellent time working closely in level development with our team’s level designer to set the visual-cues and gameplay elements into the level.

Somnia is a third-person action adventure where the player plays as Kibo, a lizard-like creature that collects dreams and fights his way through dream-devouring monsters, known as Gallems in order preserve the human dreams. Somnia’s core gameplay focuses on utilizing mechanics design for both platforming and combat. The game’s level is divided into sections blocked by a barrier. In order to progress through the level the player has to collect enough dreams that at scattered amounts the section. Gallems that lurk the land will also drop dreams by destroying them. Once the player has enough, they will be able to smash through the barriers using one of the game’s mechanics, the cannon charge.

Kibo in combat have three core mechanics, the basic attack, the cannon ball, and the meteor strike. The basic attack is a three-attack combo for quick an efficient attacks. The cannon charge is a charge up lerp that knocks enemies down and also to destroy magical barriers. The last attack is the Meteor strike, a powerful dive attack from above from one of the game platforming mechanics, gliding.

Aside from using the combat mechanics for combat Kibo can also use the apply mechanics for platforming. The cannon strike allows Kibo to launch at a far distance that his average leap cannot reach. The glide aside from using it to perform the meteor strike offers Kibo the ability to float and maneuver around in high areas to reach far distances.