The Bunker

The Bunker is designed to challenge and offer the player different styles of gameplay. The level is design to have close spaces for an experience of infiltration and stealth as well as open and high areas for assault and long-range combat. The level is design to have multiple paths of entering into the facility and hidden routes for the player to maneuver within the base to fulfilling their objective.

Mission: The Objective of the player is to kill all 7 guards and secure the base. If the player is spotted, the guards will access the alarm alerting additional back up guards from outside to enter the base. The player can disable the alarm if he/she accesses it first before it is triggered.


• Multiple entrances to approach the base
• Hidden paths that for the player to maneuver across areas
• Close spaces for stealth gameplay
• Open areas for assault and fire fights
• High areas for sniping/long range
• A full 360 open area to roam around the base
• Area for the player to scout and plan out approaches
• Different altitudes in base for the player to assault from

The Bunker
Level Layout

The Bunker level is an open environment centred around the base in the middle. The landscape is separated into three parts, the hills, the road, and the water level. The player can move up and down the terrain around the sides of the map.

Approach Zone

The player will be able freely roam around the green zone of the map. The yellow zone will be guarded and the player will need to approach with cautious. The red zone is the main focus of the guards as well where the alarm and door to the tower of the bunker is located. The alarm is mounted an a pole with a red flag to draw the players attention from a distance.

Scout Points
The scout points are located on the hills. The player will be able to have a clear view of behind the walls of the entire base.

The Bunker
The Bunker

A goal of the level is to have many methods for the player to access the base. The base have three main entrances (Yellow Marker) located along the road and a front docking entrance located on the waters. The main road entrances are heavily guarded and difficult to sneak through. 

Hidden Entrances
Hidden entrances (Green Mark) are entrances that are less focused by guards as well they allow the player to enter into the base with tighter spaces for stealth. There is also another hidden method for the player to enter the base directly on a roof of a building by leaping over the higher scout hills to create this epic infiltration moment.


The Bunker
Base Layout

A primary focus to the base is the road that goes through. The northern part of the base offers a lot of close spaces for the player to sneak and plan their way in. The road in the base is very open and revealing creating an all-out sense for any player that decides to go through. The southern part of the base is where the tower of the bunker is located but the only door to enter into the tower is through the centre of the base.

The Bunker
Guard Movement

Guards only roam in the base and only two side guards will patrol outside the two road entrances. There is a total of seven not counting any reinforcements. The guards all patrol a routine route in the base and will attack the player if he/she ends up getting spotted. A single guard will sound the alarm if left unchecked.


Though the player is able to freely move however they wish through the base, there are designed paths and movements that will offer the player an advantage when roaming within the facility.

Sneaking is a big part of the design. The level is design to have tight spaces and placed objects to give the player advantages and cover. By observing their surrounding and guards that are patrolling, the player can carefully maneuver and takeout enemies without alerting other guards.

Hidden Paths
Hidden paths are unique options that bring dynamic features around base. These special paths require the player utilize their jump and will give the player an advantage of being able to move around roofs of buildings instead of remaining on the ground. The player is able quickly and freeing roam across one side of the base to the other without worry of alerting guards from below.

The Bunker

If the player decides to go in full combat or if they are spotted sneaking in the base, the base offers a lot of cover as well as open spaces for the player to go into a shootout. 

High ground
There are many high areas for the player to access and shoot off. These high ground will also help the player quickly maneuver across the base during shootouts.

Snipe Positions
There are two core snipe spots on the map. One of them is at the highest hill position where the player can as well scout the base. The other is on the tower of the bunker.