Game Concept Document
Target Platform: Console – PC, PS, XBox, Wii
Genre: RPG, Action, Strategy, MOBA

Valkra is an epic online multiplayer strategic RPG shooter comprised of; two teams of players, each controlling a single individual squad of Galactic Fighters known as a “Valkra”. In the squad, each player will control as the squad’s captain while controlling the rest of his/her companions through actions in battle. The objective: To defeat the opposing team by destroying their mothership or accomplishing the given objective depending on the scenario. Waves of AI-controlled fighters known as Interceptors are sent to assist the players and will attempt to reach the enemies Mothership. Both Motherships are at a far distance to one another and are defended by stations that act as defensive structures protecting the path to the Mothership and the Mothership itself. This is a game, in which many different strategies/tactics may be implored. However, the key concept of the game is simply: Teamwork. The individual will find it extraordinarily difficult to pursue victory on his/her own accord without the support of the whole team.