Detail Design Document
Target Platform: Console – PS, XBox, Wii
Genre: RPG

Wingman is a 3rd person free to roam RPG simulator adventure based in a fictional city of Valenna. Focused on dialogue and openess of AI interactions, Wingman’s design highly focuses on character animations as visual expressions and dialog simulations for interesting social experences. Wingman is a socializing desicion-making game where the player will learn to balance a social credibility while interacting with the different interesting personalities of characters around the city of Valenna. The game design is inspired by the curiousity of openworld games like Grand Theft Auto where the player’s choices with AIs are defined by the story. What is interesting is what if there is a game that focused on networking and openess of AI interactions. Like being friends with one AI will cause another AI to dislike you or friending one AI to another will change their personality making their former friends of to lose interest in him/her. Wingman explores the mystery of open-world AI social-interaction.